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Car Cover Tie Downs

Cable Locks and Gust Guard Car Cover Tie Downs
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  • Cable Lock for Car, Truck, SUV, Van and Station Wagon Covers. Keep your vehicle cover locked down with our handy cable lock. Kit includes: cable, lock and two keys. Approx. >1lbs. Suggested Retail Cable Lock Price $9.99 and up.
  • The Gust Guard Car Cover Tie Down Kit helps keep your car cover secure during storms, gusting wind, sustained wind and in any outdoor weather. They can also help tie down many other covers like your BBQ, lawn furniture, bike, ATV or personal watercraft cover and boat covers. Using the bungee cords and four Gust Guard clips you will be able to secure your car cover and keep it that way. By following the simple installation instructions, your cover will stay put, even when the windiest weather.Suggeted Retail Price: $17.99

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