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How to choose the correct cover for your vehicle?

What if my antenna doesnt retract or remove?
Your car cover will come with a small patch made of the same material, with an adhesive backing and a perforated hole in the center. This will allow you to create a reinforced hole in your car cover for your antenna to come through.

Do your car covers have mirror pockets?
No, our car covers will accommodate your mirrors without pocketing them. This ensures that you will get maximum durability from your car cover, as mirror pockets are unnecessary and are usually the first part of a car cover to deteriorate or rip.

Will my car cover last in extreme weather?
We offer a variety of outdoor car covers that excel in different environments so that you're covered no matter what the weather. Your car cover should withstand just about anything Mother Nature can dish out

Not responsible for newly painted cars. Repainted cars should not be immediately covered. It is best to check with your painter or body shop for recommended cure time. Use of any car cover before the cure time has been reached may cause damage which is not due to the car cover, but due to the new paint.
- Not recommended to cover a wet car.
- Never pull car cover over a hot tailpipe.
- Never cover a car with the convertible top down, windows or sun roof open, or t-tops off.
- Do not use a car cover while tailoring or towing

Weather Conditions: If you are located in a high wind area be sure to tie down your car cover down using the grommets provided. Do not rely on the elasticized hems at the bottom of your car cover to keep on during strong winds.

Freezing Weather: A layer of ice may form between your car and the cover. This layer of ice should be thawed before removing the car cover. You may pour warm water over the cover and gently lift the car cover as the ice begins to melt. If any resistance occurs, repeat process.

Vehicle Cover Warranties
EG - Elite Guard Economy Cover: 1 Year Warranty
ESA - Elite Shield Deluxe UV Protective Cover: 2 Year Warranty
EP - Elite Premium 3 Layer Waterproof Cover: 2 Year Warranty
ES - Elite Supreme 4 Layer Fleeced Lined Waterproof Cover: 3 Year Warranty
ESA and ESV - NASCAR Covers: 1 Year Warranty

Specialty Cover Warranties:
Motorcycles, ATVs, Snowmobile and PWC Covers: 1 Year Warranty
Deluxe Motorcycles, ATVs, Snowmobile and PWC Covers: 2 Year Warranty

What is youre budget?

There are four different car covers to choose from. Ranging from the Elite Guard Economy Cover to the Elite Supreme FOUR Layer cover we have the cover for you.
The Elite Guard Economy Car Cover Car: $39.99, Truck, SUV, Van & Station Wagon: $49.99
The Elite Shield Deluxe UV Protective Car Cover Cars: $124.99, Truck, SUV, Van & Station Wagon: $199.99
The Elite Premium Waterproof Car Cover Cars: $89.99, Truck, SUV, Van & Station Wagon: $124.99
The Elite Supreme 4 layer fleeced lined Car Cover Cars: $124.99, Truck, SUV & Station Wagon: $199.99.

What are your needs?
Indoor and lite outdoor use: Elite Guard Covers
Waterproof: Elite Premium & Elite Supreme Covers
Heavy downpours: Elite Premium, Elite Supreme Covers
UV Protection & Heat Reduction: EliteShield Deluxe UV Protective Covers
Snow & Ice: Elite Premium & Elite Supreme Covers
All Weather: Elite Premium & Elite Supreme Covers

Where do you live?
North East: Premium & Elite Supreme Covers
North West: Premium & Elite Supreme Covers
South East: Elite Shield, Premium & Elite Supreme Covers
South West: Elite Shield, Premium & Elite Supreme Covers
Indoor use: The Elite Guard Economy Cover is great for indoor use. All covers are suitable for indoor use. The Elite Supreme is BEST to protect your vehicles paint job.

Please contact us if you need any help choosing the best cover for your vehicle.

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