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Seat Covers

Wholesale Seat Covers. Specialty Air Cooled and Heated Seat Covers.
We currently offer four type of seat covers. Air Cooled, Heated, Tyvek Disposable and an 8 pc Seat Cover Set in two different colors.
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  • THIS ITEM HAS BEEN DISCONTINUED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE. Beat the heat all summer with this deluxe 12-volt self-cooling seat cushion. Plugs easily into your vehicle's lighter socket. Works with or without air-conditioning to help keep you comfortable. The secret of the patented SummerSeat™ is the power fan in the front flap that circulates air through the hundreds of tiny spaces in the microfiber and mesh materials. Instead of pockets of hot air turning your car into a sauna, the SummerSeat™ puts a breezy, breathable layer between your body and your car's upholstery, leather or vinyl. No more roasting in traffic. The SummerSeat™ attaches securely with a clip-on fastening system that fits most cars, trucks, SUVs and RVs. Adjust the flow of air with a personal temperature controller that features a 60-minute automatic shut-off to prevent drained batteries. Whether you're headed out for a long road trip or just a drive to the corner store, you'll always have the coolest seat in the car. Color BLack. Suggested Retail Air Cooled Seat Cover Price $ 69.99
  • This Deluxe Heated Seat Cushion is perfect for driving during the cold weather or winter time in general. Soothing heat helps maintain metabolism and steady blood circulation. The deluxe faux leather finish provides the most comfort and is easy to clean and maintain. There are adjustable staps to help keep the cover in place. Just plug the adapter into a 12V cigarette lighter socket and the cushion warms up immediately. There is an auto shut-off feature to avoid overheating. Suggested Retail Price: $29.99
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