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Wholesale Car Covers - Cleaning & Care Tips
How to care for your Car Cover.

Note: All our covers CAN be washed.

Machine Washing

1. Use a commercial washer.
2. Use a delicate soap such as Woolite.
3. Set washer to "Delicate".

Machine Drying

1. If possible, we suggest to air dry all covers.
2. If you use a dryer, DO NOT use heat. The cover will shrink.

Hand Washing

1. If hand washing your cover, we suggest you install it on your car first.
2. Dilute a mild liquid detergent like Woolite, in cold or warm water.
3. Lightly cleanse with sponge.

Air Drying

1. If possible, we suggest to air dry all covers.

Weather Conditions:

High Winds: If you are located in a high wind area be sure to tie down your cover using the grommets provided. Do not rely solely on the elasticized bottom of your cover to provide maximum protection from strong winds.

Freezing Weather: In unusual circumstances, a layer of ice may form between your vehicle and the cover. This layer of ice must be thawed before removing the cover. You may expedite the thawing process by pouring warmwater over the cover and gently lifting the cover as the ice begins to melt. If any resistance occurs, repeat process.
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